Gather Ye Pizzas

Robert Herrick got it right: “Old Time is still a-flying.”

I was out running errands yesterday afternoon and ran into a friend and her two beautiful children. They were running errands, too, and stopping off for pizza and ice cream along the way. They reminded me of Stephanie’s little-girl years: a flowered dress with matching leggings, excited exclamations about the moment’s discoveries, small hands clutching a big water bottle. Nothing earth-shattering going on, just life. But it’s not my particular life anymore.

So, to my friend, I say, “Gather ye pizzas while ye may! Old Time is still a-flying.”

My life as a mother is no less beautiful than hers, but the time of having little ones trailing your steps like leaves blowing in the breeze is so short! The time of being breathless over the prospect of ice cream, while it may persist, is sweetest when the voice is impossibly high-pitched and clear. And tiny hands grow larger. Little legs get longer. And so quickly.

Please go hug your child, right now. That’s what I’m going to do.


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    Karen said,

    Oh, what a wonderful post.
    Owen is attached to my hip right now, and even when I feel like I can’t breathe, I am going to try and remember how fleeting this time is…

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