Clark Aldrich on Uneven Learning

There is a simple and vitally important concept now appearing in a post on Clark Aldrich’s blog, Unschooling Rules. The post is called Children learn unevenly, even backwards, and as a parent who has had the privilege of observing her child’s learning process over these past sixteen years, I can most definitely agree with his assessment.

“One step up, two steps back” has been a common theme around our house—both educationally and emotionally. Sometimes, it’s “two steps up, one step back.” Even “three steps back”  has been known to occur during times of great stress. As Mr. Aldrich writes, “the temporary whims of abilities” must be taken into consideration if children are to have a fair shot at learning a thing to their greatest capacity.

I hope you will read this insightful post. The helicopter analogy is truly inspired and will help you stay focused when your child’s motor sputters, as all of our motors are prone to do under certain conditions.


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