Carnival of Unschooled Life—May 2010 Edition


Go to life, not school.

Unschooling got a lot of attention this past month, and, as a result, I feel especially good about posting this blog carnival. Here we provide knowledge about what unschooling is and how it works for real families, and that knowledge is needed, now more than ever before, to combat the bad press we’ve gotten lately. While a good image (like a good report card) isn’t high on our list of priorities, I do believe the mainstream media needs to understand more about what we are doing here; we’re part of the evolving zeitgeist of this country, and I take pride in that. So—please—read, enjoy, and share this vision of life without school.


Life at Home

Tatiana and her son Isaiah spend time at home working on their blogs, and Tatiana writes about the experience in What’s blogging got to do with it? at World Star Academy.

Rachel presents Make Fingerpaint! at Quirky Momma.


Out in the World

No one submitted a post for this section, probably because everyone is busy out in the world. Here’s one of my posts about New York—my favorite spring and summer destination.



Linda Jo presents Happy Renewal and Regeneration, etc. at Discovering Central Park. (See what I mean about New York?)


Dark Nights of the Soul

Vicki asks Am I Unsure About Unschooling? at Highonhomeschool’s Blog.


Encounters of the School-y Kind

Rana, a carnival regular, presents Here’s a close encounter of the schooly kind! at Free to learn an lovin it.



Theodora thinks Unschooling Rocks! at Travels With a Nine Year Old.



Cristina experiences Panic Interrupted at Home Spun Juggling.


Pamela¬† offers Amoebas, Pinworms, and Other Parasites I Don’t Recommend Study at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Jonathan Timar presents The Public School System is Doing Serious Damage to Our Children and Our Society at The Limelight.


My deepest thanks to everyone who contributes and everyone who reads this for supporting The Carnival of Unschooled Life. Words are beams of light. Let’s continue to shine them on the things we believe in.


The carnival will be back on June 1, 2010, which means that submissions will be due by May 31, 2010.

To contribute a post to the next edition of The Carnival of Unschooled Life — which will be here at The Expanding Life on June 1, 2010 — use the carnival submission form.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Rana said,

    Thanks for including me again. I’m looking forward to reading all of these tonight when I get some quiet time.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. 3

    Tatiana said,

    Thank you, Susan. Nicely done, as usual. And cute pics – I just love everything black and white. Now I’m off to read these blog posts!

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