One Week Post-Op

Basically, it’s a three-steps-up, two-steps-back process, this recovery thing. You feel better than you did the day before (three steps up), so you keep moving around a little longer, and you do a few innocuous things, such as carrying your coffee cup across the room and hanging your robe on the coat rack. Then, you momentarily forget that you’re recovering from major abdominal surgery, albeit laparoscopic, and you bend over to pick something up from the floor. Ouch! You reprimand yourself, but you don’t go back to bed immediately and before you know it you’re doing something else that isn’t allowed, like wiping the bathroom counter a bit vigorously to remove a toothpaste smudge, and that something becomes the second step back.

This too shall pass. Overall, I’m doing quite well. One of my dear friends gave me a Gopher. Besides being incredibly useful, it is a good source of entertainment, as I can now put on shows for my family in which I drop things on purpose, just so that I can pick them up with great flair and enthusiasm. I have also used the Gopher as a horror film creature who attacks noses and pony tails, but my daughter isn’t thrilled about me taking this path of creativity. Oh, well.

One week post-op is looking pretty good. I’m going back to bed now. And, objects in my room, just you dare to fall off whatever you’re resting on. I’m ready for you! With suction cups for better grip!


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  1. 1

    NB Plett said,

    So happy to hear you’re making a good recovery, Susan. All my best wishes, Nicole

  2. 2

    Mary said,

    Susan, you make it sound almost funny! Glad you’re making progress, albeit slowly and in spite of yourself. Maybe if you start to ‘behave’ and not make those painful moves, you’ll progress to three steps forward, one back. Thinking of you, and happy that you’re in good spirits and not letting this get the better of you. Love Mary x

  3. 4

    Cristina said,

    Too funny! I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend!

    Peace and Laughter!

  4. 5

    Karen said,

    So glad you are better!
    One thing that seems funnier now than it did right after my laparoscopic hysterectomy is the time, about five days out from the surgery, that I stubbed my toe on a chair and flinched – it was a whole-body flinch, and I thought I was going to die…

    I also remember that feeling of mindlessly doing something that I could do perfectly well the week before surgery, and then heading right back to the couch when it turned out that picking up that matchbox car was not such a great idea.

    I’m off to submit a post to the Carnival of Unschooled Life 🙂

  5. 7

    Colleen said,

    I hope you heal quickly. Though, it sounds like the gopher may be a keeper–even when you can bend over again. It may be too fun to let go. 🙂

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