Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes

What little girl doesn’t love her mother’s shoes? I noticed just the other day that I favor low-heeled, pointed-toe pumps for special occasions because that’s what my mother wore. And my daughter has special memories of traipsing around in her grandmother’s shoes; I think that’s something little girls are genetically programmed to do.

Sujean Rim has written a delightful book about a little girl and her mother’s shoes. It’s called Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes, and it’s as adorable as a pair of patent leather Mary Janes with bows on the straps.

Ms. Rim used to be a shoe designer, so she is writing about what she knows. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and whimsical, classy and cute. And they show as much knowledge and love of little girls as they do of stiletto heels.

The story is as sweet as Birdie herself. (Are those big eyes not precious?) No need to worry that this book will turn your little girl into a shoe fiend with hammertoes and bad posture: in the happy ending, Birdie decides she likes barefoot shoes the best (with painted toenails, of course).

How lucky I am that the children’s librarian in my library puts extra-beautiful picture books up on top of the shelves for display. Otherwise, I might never have seen Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes, and my daughter and I (the 16-year-old and 51-year-old picture book lovers) would have missed out on an afternoon of smiley good feelings.

I hope Sujean Rim keeps writing children’s books. This one made me so happy!



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