A Way of Looking at Unschooling

Go to where the silence is and say something.
–Amy Goodman

I’m sure that that Amy Goodman of Democracy Now meant something having to do with social justice when she said that, about finding a wrong that needs to be righted and speaking out about it. But I have found a way to relate her excellent words to to unschooling.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Live your life, not the life somebody else tells you you have to live. In that way, you will achieve silence–the silence of your soul, in which you realize what it is you want and need to do.
  2. Use your natural mind’s abilities to bring yourself to whatever that thing is.

The part that most people never get past is getting to “where the silence is.” But people have been getting there for centuries. Yogis have done it, monks have done it, saints have done it, artists have done it, scientists have done it.

Even in this world filled with meaningless noise and the clutter of over-consumption, you can do it, too. And then, you can “say something.” You can say your unique, unprocessed something.

Isn’t that what self-actualization really means? And isn’t self-actualization the goal of unschooling? The goal of living? I think so.


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