Eating Life

As the unschooling spirit wafts around your household like the smoke from a blown-out candle (the candle of traditional expectations), it becomes easier and easier to understand that you really can do anything you want to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking like a life coach on the Oprah show, saying you can embrace wealth or power or your inner goddess simply by deciding to do so.

I’m talking about  what I call eating life. Just taking a bite out of the thing that’s always been in your mind, and, symbolically, on your plate, but that you haven’t tasted yet, either because it looked too unusual or because you thought it would add too much to the bill.

Just do it. Take a bite. Around here, that’s been happening a lot. My husband just directed his first play in ten years. Why? Because he finally decided that directing a play again was too delicious an experience to let sit on his plate any longer. He took the bite, it tasted very good, and he’s a much better person for having made that decision.

My daughter is busy nibbling on things, too. And I’m at a life buffet, starting a new blog (My Political Side) and looking through ther Writer’s Market with more seriousness than ever before. (The Writer’s Market has been on my symbolic plate for a long, long time.)

So, learn to crochet. Take a yoga class. If you’ve read a book you liked, go to the author’s web site and tell her so. She’ll probably write back. Run for office. Take a walk. Bake bread. Write a novel. Call your long-lost friend. Paint. Sing. Learn to tango. Read Wuthering Heights, for goodness sake!

Whatever it is, just engage your palate and do it. It feels brave. It feels good, and it’s good for you, too.


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    Karen said,

    You’re so inspiring! I love the term ‘eating life’ – it feels just right.

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