A New Plan

This post is for everyone who reads this blog, however often or infrequently. I want to let you know that, at least for now, I’ll only be posting once a week — on Tuesdays. The reasons for this are good things.

  1. My other writing ventures are requiring more of my time. But that’s okay, because I’m learning how to be a journalist and write on a deadline and conduct interviews and research current events. I really love what I’m doing at my Democratic Party site and at the People’s Campaign for the Constitution blog, where my posts appear every Thursday.
  2. I now have an actual job that pays actual money. I’m doing at-home freelance copy editing, which I did when my daughter was a baby. I enjoy the work and it suits me.  I explained to my daughter that it gives me the same good feeling I get when I straighten up a messy room, but she stills finds the idea of confronting a 300-page manuscript very disagreeable.
  3. As my life has been expanding, so have the lives of my husband and daughter. They are both pursuing exciting goals, and so our family time together is even more precious.
  4. The holidays will further complicate all of the above.
  5. I need balance. I need to parcel things out into discrete chunks in order for my perimenopausal mind to keep from cracking.

So, every Tuesday, I will post, and I will, of course, continue the Carnival of Unschooled Life.

I’ll hope I’ll see you on Tuesdays. Normally, I think quantity time is better than quality time. But, now that Ill be giving you less quantity, I’ll have to really be careful about giving you good quality.

At the heart of it, though, a new plan is a good thing.

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. –Marcus Aurelius Antoninus


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  1. 1

    Shirley said,

    It all sounds good!

  2. 3

    Karen said,

    I agree, if you don’t feel balanced, it is hard to feel happy. Good for you – and selfishly, it’ll make Tuesdays that much more special for me 🙂

  3. 5

    […] Politics, Unschooling &#183 Tagged Progressive Politics, Unschooling A while ago, I posted A New Plan, and I meant what I wrote at the time. But, things change, sometimes very quickly. What changed for […]

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