The Great World

A trip similar to the one Betsy takes in Betsy and the Great World.

I’m stealing the phrase “Great World” from Maud Hart Lovelace, author of the Betsy-Tacy series of books. In the series, Betsy’s older sister Julia, and later Betsy herself, travel abroad and see “the Great World.”

Our family is traveling to New York City today, to be part of a book discussion of Betsy and the Great World, with the Greater New York Chapter of the Betsy-Tacy Society.

What a wonderful group it is — women of all ages and walks of life, who share a love of Maud’s books and all fine children’s literature, past and present. Each person brings a unique perspective, and we always wind up sharing stories of our own lives.

As unschoolers, our family loves going out into the Great World. It doesn’t have to be Europe. Manhattan is just fine, or even the next town over from ours. For us, to experience the world is what life is all about.

And to balance things, on the other end of the spectrum, there is home. As much as we love to travel, we love to be home. Home together. Betsy loved the Great World, but she also never forgot, and always cherished, her home and family.

Home and the Great World. If you have them both, you’ll be just fine. You take the values of home with you when you go forth into the Great World, and you take new knowledge of the world home with you each time you return.

I can’t wait to talk about this at the book discussion tonight!”


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