Labor Day Weekend 2009

Labor Day was designed to be a day set aside to honor working people. Therefore, I believe that everybody working at a retail store on Labor Day should go home.

Oops, I forgot. If they do that, they might lose their jobs, which would probably mean that they would lose their health insurance, too. My, that’s not a very good system. We should do something about that.

Wait — I just remembered that lots of people who work in retail stores don’t even get health insurance as part of their job, so they might not have any health insurance at all. Gee, that’s not good, either. We should do something about that, too.

Sometime in between the picnics this weekend, how about writing a letter to your representatives about health care reform? makes it easy.

Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody. Please give a moment’s thought to those who protested for your right to (somewhat) fair wages and (I hope) shorter hours.

Let the shout ring down the valleys
And echo from every hill,
Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest,
Eight hours for what we will!

(from Boston Daily Voice, August 7, 1886)

Detroit Labor Day Parade, 1938


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