I’m a Facebook Dropout

After a few friends mentioned that they were on Facebook, I decided to try it myself. Getting my account set up was easy and a bit fun, but right away I knew that something was not right. Whenever I became Facebook friends with a friend or relative, I would be shown a list of possible friends — their Facebook friends — whom I might wish to “friend” myself.

First of all, this was way too much use of the word “friend” for me. And seeing friend used as a verb was absolutely horrifying!

I realized that there were far too many people on Facebook, but I was determined to keep my collection of friends small and meaningful. Small worked; meaningful didn’t.

Now, please don’t take offense, but I’m just not the kind of person who cares to know what you are cooking for dinner, or how cute you think your children are, or what you are looking forward to doing when the five o’clock whistle blows. I need lots of open space in my head — so that I can think about ideas — and the minutiae of other people’s lives takes up too much room.

Also, if I know all these things about all these people, it could tempt me to compare my life to theirs. And that would be an awful waste of time! How foolish if I started thinking that my dinner didn’t sound as exciting as Facebook Friend A’s dinner, or that my social activities were not as stimulating as those of Facebook Friend B.

I understand that Facebook is very valuable to many people. It provides them with a way to connect, keep in touch, and — I suppose — keep a running dialogue going with others.

Forgive me, but I don’t really want a running dialogue. I want serious conversation at a preset time and place, preferably face to face. That’s it — I only want Face friends, who are far fewer in number but much more substantial.

So, I’m a Facebook dropout.

But I do like email.


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    Mister Dad said,

    wow… i’m really proud of you.

    not that i should or shouldn’t do the same, but that you kept an open mind and did what you felt you should do. and for good cause, too.

    it is the model of everything i hope to unschool my unstudents in becoming.

    what a blessing and friend you are to this uninstructor…

  2. 3

    […] summer, I joined Facebook and then quickly became a Facebook dropout. Luckily, I decided to give the social network another try, and I am happy to say that I’ve […]

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