I’m Doing It Again . . .

. . . and I just may keep on doing it. I’m giving you a link to my political web site because I think it’s so important for everyone to take action this month about health care reform.

Whatever you believe — that the current system is wonderful, that reform must happen, that the public option must be included, that universal health care must be on the table —say it or write it to someone in power.

Here’s the link to my article, Be An August Activist.

I’m not trying to create Democrats; I’m trying to create vibrant participants in government. If you read my article and like what it says, I hope you will pass it on.

Thank you kindly.


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    Karen said,

    This is an issue that, as a former Canadian, I feel passionately about. People in Canada don’t have discussions about their health care, they do not worry about losing insurance or staying trapped in a crummy job because they need to keep their insurance… they have a sense of peace, and the certain knowledge that they are now, and will be forever, well-cared for regardless of their job status or socio-economic class.
    I think my sister-in-law, who lives in Toronto and at age 28 (just two years ago) suffered a stroke, puts it best: “within hours of being hospitalized, I had met with several neurologists and other doctors to decide how best to handle my situation… my stay in the hospital was free, all my doc’s visits are free, I choose my docs and don’t wait forever (as Americans often accuse) to see my doctors… the medicine I take to limit the risk of another stroke costs hundreds, not thousands upon thousands, as the same medication would in the US… I am very happy with the care I’ve received.”
    Thank you for giving me the power to be an August Activist!

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