Why You Need Parenting Cards

I’ve been having a wonderful time exploring The Natural Child Project web site, and one of my favorite products available from this fine organization is their Parenting Cards.

Most people have favorite quotes on their refrigerator; I know I do. And some of us frame special sayings and place them on end tables in our homes. Others keep an inspirational article or quotation folded up in their wallets. Parenting Cards provide something along those lines.

Here’s how I see it: as unschoolers and/or attachment-parenting advocates, we are on a different path from many people around us. We need support, encouragement, and advice as much as all parents do, but we cannot get it from the plethora of resources that many other parents use — the books that say “Let her cry it out,” for example.

For us, Parenting Cards are a versatile way to keep the kind of support we need always at our fingertips. In addition to putting one in your wallet, or under your pillow, or inside your kitchen cabinet, I like the idea of putting them all inside a big old cookie jar. That way, you can just pluck one out when you’re feeling worried, tired, or confused.

A Parenting Card is a candle in the darkness. When you stop, breathe, and read one, you cannot help but be inspired to think — about the path you’ve chosen and how best to travel it right at this moment.

I highly recommend Parenting Cards. In fact, I believe that no loving, child-centered, free-thinking home should be without them.


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