Lilac and Potter

It’s a classic story: part “Romeo and Juliet” and part “Rapunzel.” Potter is the orange tabby who lives next door, the unofficial mayor of the neighborhood, the male cat among men, and he is an outdoor cat.

Our lovely Lilac, sensitive and graceful, lives indoors. So, they meet and court through the glass of our front door.

There can be no love affair beyond what you see above — a regular occurrence that ends with Lilac swatting at the door (in anger? in playfulness?) and Potter walking away.

But what goes on in their minds during those long moments of staring at each other? What would happen if we opened the door? I think Lilac would run up the stairs as fast as her furry feet would carry her. And Potter would walk away. He has other fish to fry.

Yet, in a way, “never was there a tale of more woe than this of Lilac and her Potter-O.”


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