Carnival of Family Life: The Paper Toy Edition

Welcome to the April 20, 2009 Carnival of Family Life: The Paper Toy Edition. All images used in this post can be found at The Toymaker web site. Also, you can click on the images here to get free instructions for printing and making the paper toys.

The Chocolate Truck

The Chocolate Truck

Family Cooking & Recipes

mangoz presents Raw Vegan Nori Sushi Roll Demonstration posted at Vegetarian Culinary, an easy video guide on how to make vegan sushi rolls.

Rani presents Strawberry Gelatin posted at Christ’s Bridge, an easy spring recipe.

The Fuschia Box

The Fuschia Box

Family Crafts & Activities

Julian Pollock presents Express and Encapsulate Your Emotions in a Baby Footprint Poem with Graphic Images posted at Baby Footprint Graphic. “I have now finished the third and final article on my mini-series on encouraging parents to write their own baby footprint poem and embellishing it with appropriate graphics,” Julian advises.

Char Polanosky presents The Best Earth Day Printables posted at Printables for Kids. In order to teach children about the importance of Earth Day every day, Char offers some Earth Day printable activities.

Belle presents This Year’s Garden so far . . . posted at Homesteaderbelle’s Blog.

HowToMe presents How To Decorate Paper with Bubbles posted at HowToMe.

Multiplication Thinkin Logs

Multiplication Thinkin' Logs


hall monitor presents Progress Report: School Safety – Are we just hitting the Panic Button? posted at, noting that today is the tenth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy and asking, “are schools any safer?”

Dan presents Obama’s PreSchool Free For All – Bad Idea posted at My Dad Blog, opining that “while Obama’s Universal ‘Free’ PreSchool program may sound great, the devil’s in the details and it’s actually a very bad deal for American children.”

cate3 presents Lessons from Susan Boyle posted at Why Homeschool, illustrating some of the lessons to be learned from the recent Internet phenomenon.

historyiselementary presents The Gift posted at History Is Elementary, part book review and part opinion piece regarding the value of personal history and how it relates to our American story.

Family Finance

Make Your own Toys

Make Your Own Toys

Finance Tips 101 presents Scholarships Come In All Shapes And Sizes posted at Finance Tips 101.

Kelly presents Frugal Childcare posted at Almost Frugal.

Lori DiPatri presents Through the Looking Glass at Home Depot posted at Where in the world is . . . Deerwood Drive.

freefrombroke presents 9 Ways To Save On Baby Costs posted at Free From Broke, discussing some ways to save on baby costs.

Fine Tuned Finances presents Why it’s the Best Time in the Last 50 Years to be a First Time Homebuyer posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Jim DeSantis presents 3 Reasons That Can Cause Your Family Budget To Fail posted at On Line Tribune. “Unless you get spending under control and start treating your household like the goldmine it really is,” Jim writes, “you are destined to struggle financially for the rest of your life.”

Credit Shout presents Lowes Credit Card Review posted at CreditShout. If you are thinking about completing home improvements using a Lowe’s credit card this summer, you may want to read this review first.

jim presents Understanding FICO Credit Scores posted at Bargaineering.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents FNBO Direct: Best Online Savings Account, ETrade Bank Interest Rate At 3% APY posted at The Digerati Life urging you to “consider a solid online savings account for your family emergency fund.”

SVB presents Charting Stock Movements With Fibonacci Trading Techniques posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Charlie Peters presents Healthy Childhood Food Habits That Save You Money posted at Pay Less For Food.

Family Health and Wellness

Tooth Fairy Gazebo

Tooth Fairy Gazebo

Aliall presents Fitness Routines (Owning Yourself Series Part 4) posted at Motivated Mama , offering tips on fitting a fitness routine into your family life.

Pat Doyle presents How To Arrange Your Bedroom For Good Feng Shui posted at Feng Shui Crazy.

GrrlScientist presents Pioneering Stem Cell Research in Race Horses Now Helping People posted at Living the Scientific Life. Stem-cell research originally developed to help injured horses can assist with recovery from Achilles tendon injuries.

Meaghan Montrose presents Dealing with ADHD: Treatment posted at TutorFi.

Toni presents Pregnancy aches and fixes posted at Wifely Steps, offering some advice about dealing with normal pregnancy aches and pains.

Parenting Tips & Advice

Princess Panda

Tracey presents Living Mannerly at Home posted at Girls to Grow.

Jasmin Dalton presents Teen Pregnancy posted at jasmin dalton.

Ilona Siller presents Top 10 things people who are not parents should never tell parents posted at top10mama.

Lisa Mitchell presents 5 Things I Did to Transform My Picky-eater posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Tips For Storytime posted at Child Care Only.

Kevin Heath presents Ups and Downs of Stepparenting posted at More4kids.

Modern Parent presents Live a Green Life: Why Cloth Baby Wipes are Best posted at

Family Pets

A Bunny Basket

A Bunny Basket

Diego Cervantes presents Pet Millionaires: Seven Cats and Dogs Who Are Actually Richer than You posted at Bankling.

JHS presents My Life Changed When I Was Adopted at Colloquium.

Family Relationships & Self-Improvement

Tiny Little Paperdolls

Tiny Little Paperdolls

Feed me Cheesy presents Dad Runs Hundreds of Miles for his Son (Prepare to Cry) posted at Feed me Cheesy, a story that the contributor says “made me realize that my dad is also my hero in many ways. I hope more people will get to read and watch this article and realize it for themselves.”

Jacob Duchaine presents Being a Man posted at Blogging Guy. (Reminder: The opinions expressed in posts included in the Carnival are those of the individual contributors, and not necessarily shared by the host and/or Carnival administrator.)

GP presents Blessed by the Best « Manely Montana posted at Manely Montana about “counting your blessings along the way.”

marriagemaker presents Beware of Bad Relationship Advice posted at Marriage Works. “So much of the information out there on relationships, particularly in blogs, is not necessarily helpful. In fact, in many cases it is down-right destructive,” the author observes.

Joseph Ekwu presents My Secret posted at Josephekwu’s Weblog.

Super Saver presents On When to Peak posted at My Wealth Builder.


A Paddle Steamer

A Paddle Steamer

Gary R. presents Camping with Young Children posted at Camping Tips. It can be a lot of fun, but requires preparation.

Goodbye from me and The Toymaker!

Goodbye from me and The Toymaker!

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    FFB said,

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. 3

    JHS said,

    Very cute! What a clever theme. Thanks so much hosting and doing a great job again.

  3. 4

    Lisa said,

    Get job on the carnival. I love the paper toy theme, so cute.

  4. 5

    Tracey said,

    Lots of great articles to read! Thanks for hosting the carnival!

  5. 6

    Thank you so much for hosting this valuable carnival and for including my post.

  6. 7

    motivatedmama said,

    Thanks so much for including me in the carnival. It looks like there are a lot of great posts to read through!


  7. 8

    I didn’t really like the post at Blogging Guy. It was pretty sexist and offensive. If you look at my blog you can see a whole long post about what is wrong with it:

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