Is the Educational Tide Turning?

I’ll admit it. I read Parade magazine for Walter Scott’s Personality Parade. It’s the only celebrity gossip I allow into my brain — in a small, convenient, weekly dose. I certainly don’t need to know which actresses have tattoos and where, but, hey, we all need a break from the real news sometimes.

This week Parade gave me some real news that I found exciting. It’s in an article called “The End of Grade Levels? and, in case your Parade magazine is already in the recycling bucket or lining some pet abode, you can read it online here.

I care about children who, for whatever reason, can’t enjoy the benefits of being homeschooled, and this article describes a way that they can receive at least one of those benefits — while in school.

The best part of the whole thing: if you click on the survey link, you’ll find that plenty of people like the idea! When I took the poll, seventy-nine percent were in favor of doing away with grade levels.

Maybe this idea will amount to nothing nationwide, or maybe it’s a baby step toward education reform. Either way, if it’s in Parade magazine, it’s already been deemed mainstream enough for the average Personality Parade reader. (You know, the type who really does need to know which actresses have tattoos . . .)


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