Everyone is Outside!

Spring is truly coming here in the Northeast. My daughter and I took a walk today, and we saw so many, well, I think you call them . . . people. Up until today, the only moving creatures we saw from our window were birds and squirrels — and, of course, the mail lady. But today the neighborhood was teeming with human beings, all walking and breathing in the fresh air!

Here’s who we saw:

  • a mom helping her daughter learn to use  a scooter
  • a little boy and his grandmother walking home from the store
  • a man walking with his dog
  • two ladies chatting on the sidewalk
  • some “dudes” practicing skateboard maneuvers (I can’t relate, but something about the “jump the board up into the air” trick must be extremely satisfying, based on the way they all seem to do it, every chance they get.)

The very best part of our outdoor experience was that no one was using a leaf blower or a lawn mower! Of course, that will change, but the important thing is this: people are out and about, and that’s a good thing.


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  1. 1

    Sunnymama said,

    It’s great when people start coming outside in the spring. Where we live we have a shared garden and during the winter we only usually saw other children outside but now all our adult neighbours are starting to come out in the garden too.

  2. 2

    We live in the northeast too! It was a nice afternoon. Chloe and I played with sidewalk chalk and she practiced riding her tricycle. I love spring 🙂

  3. 3

    Colleen said,

    Having spent all of my in Southern California I had never really “seen” spring come on, until I spent the months of February and March in Toronto, Canada a few years ago. One afternoon the weather was relatively warm (though in California I would have considered it downright cold–about 55 F) so we went out to the park. The place was crawling with people! It took forever just to find a place to park! So we looked everywhere for the festival or event that had brought all these people out to the park, only to find that they had come out for Spring!

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