Tuesday’s Tribute: Lucille Ball

One of my first posts on this blog was about Lucille Ball. I learned a lot from I Love Lucy. Since I love lists (as well as Lucy), I’ll give my tribute in list form.

  1. Lucille Ball was one of the most supremely talented performers of the twentieth century, along with Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra, among others.
  2. Lucille Ball was oh-my-Lord-so-beautiful, as I never fail to mention whenever I see her on television.
  3. Lucille Ball stayed in a bad marriage and tried to make it work, which some might call foolish, but I find admirable.
  4. Lucille Ball left a bad marriage when she realized she couldn’t make it work, which I find even more admirable.
  5. Lucille Ball’s children were desperately wanted and incredibly loved.
  6. Lucille Ball valued her family and kept them close throughout her life.
  7. Lucille Ball helped performers who were on their way up.
  8. Lucille Ball was always a lady in public.
  9. Lucille Ball enriched countless lives by giving people the gift of laughter.
  10. Lucille Ball was never afraid that acting silly would make her less glamorous. In fact, the combination of her raucous humor and her show-girl demeanor only made her more appealing.

Here’s one of my favorite photographs of Lucille Ball.

As Desi Arnaz said when he first saw her, “Whatta honk of a woman.”


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