“Family Life” Strikes Again

I know that I regularly lead you to Blog Carnival posts, but I feel that it’s my duty as a blogger to support my fellow writers who, in my opinion, do excellent work. So, here are my favorites from the latest Carnival of Family Life.

  • GreenPrint — Helping to Save Printer Paper
  • Peace Through Breakfast
  • Being Your Child’s First Teacher
  • The Three Odd Truths of Motherhood
  • Is your home a soft place to land?

  • Here’s hoping that Pa gets the fields plowed, Ma gets all her pies baked, and the children don’t break their slate pencils at school today.


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    1. 2

      Shannon said,

      What a nice pic! Too bad the days when life was plain good and simple are already past. I checked out the links, my personal favorite would be “Peace Through Breakfast”. I hope the world realizes that all of us are really not that different. I hope that globalization would bring our kids generation closer together!

    2. 3

      Kakie said,

      Thanks for the links! Great reading. Peace and blessings!

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