Paging Mister Dad

This is for the author of Mister Dad’s Class, a blog I really enjoy reading. I want to comment on your posts, Mister Dad, but the software won’t let me, and that makes me sad. (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

No matter how I identify myself, the verification word won’t appear on my screen. I think I’ve done everything possible on my end to make it happen, so it’s up to you. Help me, Mister Dad: you’re my only hope!


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  1. 1

    Mister Dad said,

    paging mister dad? he’s just a fella. we REALLY need someone like R2.

    d’ya try any incantations? wait a tick. i’m not sure that’ll work. it’s a Blogger site. so lemme see what i can find out. hold on…..

    i finagled a bit in the settings. let’s see how that works.

    i’m a real expanding life fan, so the tragedy there would be felt. and if that STILL doesn’t do the trick. drop me a line and i’ll through your comment on a post. deal?

  2. 2

    sgaissert said,

    Whatever you did, it worked! I left what will surely be the first of many comments on your blog. Now I take my hair out of these silly sausage roll curls.

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