Things We Do to Save Money

They aren’t very unusual things. They’re things many people do. They’re things we’ve done for many years: as a way to keep afloat financially and as a way to avoid the bloated, ugly feeling that overconsumption gives us.

  • buy our clothing, home decorations, and small appliances at a thrift store
  • use fluorescent light bulbs
  • vent the hot air from our clothes dryer back into the house
  • use a voice-over-internet phone service for long-distance calls
  • make Christmas gifts and birthday gifts
  • live with one car
  • live in a house with no extra rooms
  • stay away from the mall — Although clearance prices can be very low, the overriding aura of unnecessary glamour  is something we prefer to avoid.
  • cut our own hair
  • polish our own nails
  • get movies from the library
  • pay off our credit card each month
  • dine out with cashback coupons from our credit card company
  • make our own slipcovers and curtains
  • buy books at library book sales
  • mend things instead of throwing them away
  • get lawn furniture (and sometimes home furniture!) from the curb on the night before trash pickup
  • grow vegetables in our backyard
  • You get the idea. Nothing too extreme. We’re not raising chickens here in the suburbs.

    So, what are you doing to save money?


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      Colleen said,

      I’m sun drying our clothes, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, making Christmas gifts, using the library instead of buying books, avoiding the mall, and constantly asking myself if we really “need” any item that I’m thinking of buying. Usually the answer is no. Thanks for sharing your list!

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