It’s So Brisk!

I love the autumn in the Northeast. For me, it’s all about the briskness: the wind blowing the colored leaves around on my front lawn, which thrills my cat, who sits on her window perch with big, excited eyes. The dry leaves pile up in the corners of my backyard, waiting for us to walk through them and hear the delicious crunch, even better than the sound of eating potato chips.

The cold air makes me feel brisk. The sound of my neighbor’s wind chimes vigorously ringing again and again is like a voice saying, “Get moving, get moving, because although the plants are dying, you are so very much alive!”

Fall has always been my favorite season, and I have always wondered why I love a time when things are dying. Partly, it’s because the dying things look so beautiful: the leaves reach their peak just before they die. And withered things are beautiful; think about your grandmother’s face and her hands.

And, again, the briskness! Wind. Cold air after months of humid heat. It’s a trumpet call to action. Get moving, get moving. The holidays are coming. The future may bring gorgeous snow. The bare trees will be pure poetry. The new year is on the horizon, waiting to be lived.

I love this time of year.


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