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“This election is not about issues,” Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager said this week. “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.”Judith Warner, Sept. 4, 2008, New York Times

Wow. That’s the best reason I’ve heard yet for NOT voting for John McCain. His campaign manager has clearly stated his belief that elections — the processes under which people vote for their government representatives — are not based on candidates’ positions on the issues, and that his candidate’s campaign is not about the issues. Why would it be, if the election is not about issues?

In other words, the ever-rising unemployment rate, the ever-rising number of people struggling to pay for their health needs, the ever-rising number of people struggling to keep their jobs, and the ever-rising temperatures that are melting the polar ice cap are not concerns of the John McCain campaign. Their concern is a composite view: Hot Chick for VP and Maverick Straight-Talking Fly-Boy.

Well, with all due respect to Ms. Palin and Senator McCain, this isn’t a Lifetime chick-flick or a 1940’s war movie. This is America in 2008. And we’ve got issues. And a candidate whose campaign manger doesn’t see the need to talk about them before the election scares me . . . a lot.


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