Let’s Go to the Carnival . . . of Homeschooling, That Is

Carnival RidesThere’s a new Carnival of Homeschooling out today, with so many posts that look like rides I want to try. Please check it out! I’m there, and so is Life Without School, with a great post about being a human being and not just a human doing. It reminds me of my post about being bored.

Also of interest are the post about Parade magazine’s recent homeschooling article (that one got my feathers ruffled) and the one about homeschooling stereotypes (see how many do and don’t apply). Heck, they all look interesting. Get the “ride all day” pass (it’s free!) and have fun!

Here’s a fascinating article that I couldn’t find a way to comment on, so here’s my comment: your list will be up on my refrigerator within the hour. And as a member of a family that tries each day to “unschool successfully,” thanks for acknowledging the enormous amount of “time, energy, intelligence, interest, dedication, and patience” required. Some nights I fall into bed physically and mentally drained, but every morning I make the choice to try again.


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