More Things I Learned From “I Love Lucy”

Well, Suzanne’s comment got us up to 18. My husband thought of this one:

Lucy Ricardo

19. People in Cuba speak Spanish.

And my daughter remembered this one:

20. A kleptomaniac is a person who compulsively steals things.

Here are some more from me:

21. You can’t hold a raffle unless you have a license.
22. To sublet an apartment means to rent it to someone else while you’re not using it.
23. An agent helps a performer find work and takes a percentage of the performer’s pay.
24. An affadavit is sworn testimony that must be witnessed by a notary public.
25. Before you start selling something you made, you should figure out whether you’re going to make a profit on it.
26. Smoking can be dangerous (if you’re wearing a fake nose).


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    Anne said,

    Here are a few more:
    27. Assembly line work can be stressful.
    28. Some medicinal preparations contain alcohol.
    29. It’s a good idea to check all pockets before sending clothing to the cleaners.
    30. Wine is made by stomping on grapes in large vats.
    31. If you feel dauncy, you may be expecting.

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