How Much Do You Know About Mother Jones?

Mother Jones

Yesterday, my daughter and I attended a performance of “Mother Jones: Her Life and Times,” written and performed by my new friend and fellow Hillary Clinton supporter, Peggy Orner from Coatesville, PA (

Mother Jones, the labor organizer and supporter of workers’ rights, ranks right up there with Susan B. Anthony as a woman who devoted all her life’s energies to a worthy cause. She survived the Yellow Fever epidemic and the Great Chicago Fire. She  lived among miners and marched child textile-mill workers to Teddy Roosevelt’s vacation home to show him their mangled fingers. She was a very tough lady with a very big heart. She lived to be 100 years old.

I’ve heard that her story isn’t told in schools, and I think it should be. My library has a biography of her in the children’s section. Does yours? My friend Peggy’s show makes you feel as if you’ve met her. Would you like to?

“If they want to hang me, let them hang me. But when I’m on the scaffold, I’ll cry ‘Freedom for the working class!'” — Mother Jones


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